How different Wallpapers can transform your home

The world of interior design is a fickle place; fashions change, tastes shift and opinions sway in the breeze. In recent years the wallcovering of choice has been paint in its many guises. Versatile and practical, painting walls with brush, roller or spray in a rainbow of shades was how it was done. Not any […]

Making a statement with Damask patterns

Created using basic weaving techniques that originated in Byzantine and Islamic centres during the Middle Ages, Damask is a reversible, patterned fabric crafted from silk, wool, linen, cotton, or synthetic fibres, which can be identified by raised areas of decoration on a smooth background. Found in the Arabic language, the word ‘Damask’ is derived from […]

Summer renovation inspiration

Summer is on the way and predictions of a sizzling season of super weather are in the air. What better time to seize some interior decorating inspiration from this most generous of seasons? Okay, so the weather forecasters don’t always get it right, but that doesn’t matter when summer can be brought indoors. Even if […]