Summer renovation inspiration

Summer is on the way and predictions of a sizzling season of super weather are in the air. What better time to seize some interior decorating inspiration from this most generous of seasons?

Okay, so the weather forecasters don’t always get it right, but that doesn’t matter when summer can be brought indoors. Even if it’s raining cats and dogs outside, we can splash summer all over the house with some hot interior decorating ideas.

Pastels are often considered the true colours of summer. Picture a line of wooden beach huts along the sand, painted in pale blues, pinks and greens. Experimenting with these muted pastels in the home gives it a freshness and vitality, perfect for the warmer days. Paint walls with chalky yellows and pistachio greens and opt for a matt finish if a more traditional flavour is required. Take more inspiration from the seaside with deck chair fabrics for cushion covers and fit some wooden DIY shutters at the windows to let the sun stream in. With just a few little changes, that relaxed, beach house feel we all love in summer, can be easily achieved.

Another place to harvest renovation inspiration in the height of summer is the garden. Overflowing with flowers and blossom, why not echo this abundance inside? Give a room a fresh start by covering a wall or two with pretty floral wallpaper. The variety of floral wallpaper designs is as extensive as the blooms in the garden and it’s a good idea to use it as a starting point for the rest of the room. Tiny rosebud or hydrangea motifs evoke nostalgic, retro looks, whereas more tropical botanic themes spark off exotic ideas – let the flowers lead the way and soon summer will come calling. Arrange some fresh flowers in a pretty vase and place on the windowsill, position candles or night-lights on the mantelpiece to make the most of warm, summer evenings. Other ways of introducing the outside world in include bowls piled high with fresh summer fruit and aromatic herbs and colourful geraniums in window boxes. Using natural materials such as bamboo, hemp and jute in rugs, seating and cushions adds a kicked back, beachside edge to a room that oozes summertime.

Sombre colours should be reserved for the colder months, so lift dark sofas and chairs with light coloured slip covers or throws. Is there a wood fired stove in the room? Why not artfully arrange any leftover logs into an attractive stack – a reminder of distant winter nights. A scatter cushion in coordinating floral fabric placed on a comfortable armchair by the window, and you’re all set to settle down and read the latest summer blockbuster.

Summer brings with it hotter nights, so why not treat yourself to some new lightweight bed linen? Winter bedding is too warm for summer temperatures, so make the switch to summer linen. A whole room can be lifted with a new design of bedding. Whether it’s stripes, folksy embroidered cotton or a chintzy floral fabric, get wrapped up in some crisp new sheets for summer.

The hot weather will be here before we know it, so let’s get cracking on those renovation inspiration ideas and enjoy a memorable summer of style…