Making a statement with Damask patterns

Created using basic weaving techniques that originated in Byzantine and Islamic centres during the Middle Ages, Damask is a reversible, patterned fabric crafted from silk, wool, linen, cotton, or synthetic fibres, which can be identified by raised areas of decoration on a smooth background. Found in the Arabic language, the word ‘Damask’ is derived from the city of Damascus, which was, at the time, rich in the trade and manufacture of this luxurious fabric.

Previously regarded as an accessory for homes of the wealthy and opulent, Damask is now a popular choice for those looking to create a signature look in any room of their house.

Damask in the home

Used as wallpaper, Damask designs are wonderfully textured, adding depth, character, colour, and luxury to any room of the home. Often heavily patterned, Damask wallpaper will also create a myriad of interesting shapes and surfaces across your home, helping you to make the most of each space.

Damask is a design classic, helping to blend rich, traditional styles, with more contemporary décor for a striking, statement look. Patterned wallpaper can be used to decorate an entire room, or as a gorgeous feature wall; the choice is yours. Damask wallpaper will look particularly effective when co-ordinated with the right accessories and furnishings, and many examples of this style will feature further embellishments within the design to add glamour quickly and easily.

Black and white Damask designs are particularly popular at present, adding a stylish post-modern feel that is both clean looking and glamorous. Different Damask wallpapers can be used to add varying effects, though; from mysterious eastern patterns that create an Arabian feel, to quintessentially English patterns, Renaissance designs, and echoes of classicalVienna that will fit in with your home’s current interior décor. Damask is very much a versatile choice, and one that has so much to add to your home.

Off the wall

As well as being used to decorate the walls of your home, Damask can also be incorporated into other elements of décor, including home accessories, furniture upholstery and rich fabrics, such as tablecloths, drapes, bedspreads, sofa throws, curtains, and blinds, creating a massive, or subtle, statement as desired.

Damask is a simple way of adding glamour and elegance to your home. Used on accessories such as lampshades, pillows and cushions, candles, vases, table settings, wall hangings, and rugs, Damask can be easily incorporated into the home, regardless of current furnishings and décor. In fact, almost anything that can be printed is capable of featuring the Damask pattern – and will look even more stunning for it.

While Damask can be beautiful and timelessly elegant, it is important not to overload your home with its many designs. For example, if you choose Damask wallpaper, try co-ordinating it with simple and bold block colours so as not to draw attention away from your wall’s stunning patterns. Luxurious, textured fabrics, antique or antique feel-accessories and chunky furniture can work really well with Damask designs, introducing the grandeur of Damask into your home.

By David